Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Loving Civet and Rose Poivrée

I started wearing Rose Poivrée this time last year. It was a very strange time because all roads were leading me toward Jean-Claude Ellena's fragrances without my knowing it. I spent a very long time choosing a gift--would it be Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta or Colonia Intensa, finally I went with Intensa. Then there was a gift my dear friend gave me, Jardin Sur Le Nil and then before I knew what was happening I was in love with Declaration and Terre d'Hermès. When the samples arrived from The Different Company, Rose Poivrée was included and from the moment I put it on I felt its weight and all its subtle nuances coming from its notes de tete and de coeur. Its color is deep golden amber and somehow when applied it grounds me. I was ever so happy to wear this thick (almost but not quite dank) rose in the Spring. By Summer, I had figured out that it was the Civet note inside of Poivrée that continued to unleash its powers. Its breathy heartbeat continues to stay close to my skin. 

Vaslav Nijinsky in Le spectre de la rose 1911.

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