Saturday, August 27, 2011

Around Town: Sortir le Soir


As I admired the still life on the coffee table, I was reminded that the items displayed might be a reflection of the person who arranged them, or at very least, serve as a silent introduction. There were books about Elizabeth (Babeth) Dijan and Patrick Demarchelier, a sculpted figure of a woman reclining, and a bouquet of white roses. 

The warm-hearted Susan Tabak, opened the door of her Park Avenue home for the New York debut of her premier fragrance, Sortir le Soir. "Sortir le soir" is a French expression that means to go out at night, (not to leave the night, as I had originally thought), and the name reflects what Susan loves to do most. She told me that she works hard all day, so when night arrives it's a reminder to relax and hence, go out. Sortir is centered around two heady whites, Gardenia and Jasmine, however, Tabak wanted the fragrance to remain light, sexy, fun, not too heavy. Sortir achieves this without being too sweet. Its green notes, aldehydic (effervescent) lift, and Amber base steers it away from trendy and lands it closer to classic.

On my walk home, I introduced the night air to Sortir le Soir; they happily swirled and swayed down Park Avenue, and I smiled as I realized it was the second silent introduction of the evening.


  1. I love your writing about perfume!!!

  2. J. Vivienne,
    Thanks so much for saying so. More to come real soon.
    Have a great day.