Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Holding Hands with Safran Troublant

Thank you Olivia Giacobetti for making things golden this morning.

It was a little more than a year ago when I first found Safran Troublant. I was helping a friend find a perfume for another discerning yet fragile friend who had gone through some tough times. I was at Bendel's upstairs at L'Artisan and as soon as I put Safran on the skin I immediately knew I had found the one. It is spicy and sweet for sure and hovering on top and throughout its body is a sweet dryness, that reminds me of hay and this dryness plays with its rose note. Then it gets all rounded out and thick with a creamy sophisticated Vanilla. 

Back to this morning, my 5 year old would not let me leave/pass the door without a hug, kiss and rub of the nose, upon release from the hug he said, "you smell like Vanilla", then more specifically added,"like vanilla ice cream", then he specified, the bad (scooped) kind, he prefers the soft serve generic Vanilla kind. It is no surprise that I was wearing Safran TroublantOf course my son didn't know it but he was really talking about the depth and tension and movement that Troublant creates with its Saffron, Rose and Vanilla notes. My walk to the train was a little bit lighter as I cut through the heat of August with Troublant by my side. By the time I reached my destination Troublant was holding my hand.  

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