Monday, August 22, 2011

The Grace of Technique Indiscrète

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I felt as if I met Louison Grajcar last week via his perfume line, Technique Indiscrète. This charming introduction allowed me to catch a glimpse of how he beautifully weaves simplicity and surprising complexity into his fragrances. There is no conflict between perfumer and perfume here, rather his fragrances seem gently seduced into being. 

Indiscrète, Grajcar's first fragrance, is whimsical with its fresh and fruity top notes and floral heart of jasmine and rose, that ends up warm and cozy. The golden color of Santa Subita, reflects its intensity and what is to come once applied; citrus notes leads to its heart of cedarwood and sandalwood, while notes of vanilla and others, push up to deepen the deal. Veloutine, its berry notes play with violet and leather, think of a grown up Après L’Ondée. Overall, the structure of these perfumes seems balanced, all the parts working together harmoniously,  but occasionally a particular note is pulled out for a delightful tension, and I must note that dry downs are especially lovely and lingering. A friend once described grace as a long white picket fence, not the kind that goes around a cute little house, but rather the kind you see in the countryside that are long, winding, and seem infinite. Technique Indiscrète perfumes embody grace, like the latter.

Painting:  Mummy Portrait of a Boy, Getty Museum                                                                                                                                                                


  1. Dear Valerie,

    I love your blog, thank you for adding me to your blog list.

    Louison is a genius! I love his perfumes so much.

    The description of grace is wonderful - the long white picket fence!!

    Have a nice weekend, Lena

  2. Lena!

    Hello, yes of course. Thank you so much for visiting Soliflore Notes, and I agree Technique Indiscrete is full of wonder.

    The Olfactorialist is beautiful.

    All my best, Valerie