Monday, May 23, 2011

Annick Goutal Tubereuse, a memory

Herbert Migdoll, Swimmers, detail, mixed media: oil enamel and acrylic on vinyl mesh, 2002
When I swim underwater, I like to see how far I can swim without coming up for air. Surrounded by water, I close my eyes and can easily imagine the edge of my body pushing out beyond itself. The outside world becomes muffled. Wearing Annick Goutal Tubéreuse feels a little like this, that is, wearing a fragrance completely for oneself, not to attract, admire, or to be admired, but the possibility to become more. 

A Soliflore is a type of perfume that is inspired by a single flower. The good ones don't imitate the flower, but rather riff and transform it. Tubéreuse comes close to this. For a time, you weren't able to get it in the States which added to its mystery because in someway you had to work just a little harder to get close to it. The empty bottle sits inside the bottom of my dresser, anchored and waiting for me to sail it again. 

My memory of Tubéreuse is of a slightly smokey, heady white floral. The EDP is a beautiful deep amber color. When applied on the pulse points it is unsettling at first, as if I didn't take in enough air before plunging underwater, or like opening the door onto an old humid room, not sure if I want to enter. However, after Tubéreuse settles in on the skin it stays close and takes off at the same time. Its bloom becomes completely present as if it wants to reach out and gently stroke the hair that frames my face.

Postscript 5/27/11:  Today at Annick Goutal's counter I immediately began searching for Tubéreuse. I couldn't find it. I  started to get that sinking feeling. When I asked where Tubéreuse was, the parfum representative at Caron first asked me where I'd been, which made me laugh, and then briskly said that it had been discontinued for almost two years. He tried to convince me that Caron's Tubéreuse could replace it, but of course I knew that wouldn't work. Sometimes a memory must suffice. RIP AG T EDP 


  1. it isn't discontinued!

  2. Yes, Thank you so much.. Tuebereuse lovers unite..

    At that moment in time it was ;-)