Saturday, July 6, 2013

Juniper Ridge: It's Like Being There

Photo Credit: Michael Nichols, National Geographic

The last couple of weeks I've been pondering my past visits to the more obscure national parks like, Lassen Volcanic, and Canyonlands, and I remembered how both the harshness and stunning beauty of these landscapes can be equally challenging to the mind and body. As I was remembering all this stuff, I couldn't help but notice that my dallying about nature seemed to be gently aligned, and certainly stirred by my recent acquisition of Juniper Ridge Cascade Glacier Cabin Spray, and their Winter Redwood (seasonal) Solid Perfume. Both start out bold. The Cabin Spray ignites the house with a heightened scent of reality, suddenly there is a green crispness, bark, pine, moss and all permeating the air.  I started calling these two unprocessed scents, in that here lies no illusion of some stupid idea of nature, or some weird reference to nature, these scents are pure, vigorous and concentrated. They are what they are. These fragrances for home and body feel as if Juniper Ridge folks go around in a van throughout the backcountry of California finding indigenous plants, and quickly distilling them. Wait-- that's right, that is exactly what they do. Their website explains it well.

Juniper Ridge is capturing potent gems that give us both a wide-angle and a close-up of the natural world. At first they shock and tingle my (city) system; however as they settle, and particularly when the solid perfume warms up on the skin there is a subtlety that comes alive, the kind that keeps me bringing my wrist to my nose most of the day for a lingering sniff. I am tickled that the solid perfume is easily portable, and all dressed up in its vintage re-purposed tin.

There is nothing like connecting to nature, if we take the time to do it and to notice. Thanks for doing and noticing Juniper Ridge.

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