Monday, May 2, 2011

Snapshot: Arpège and Mom

My father was not the kind of father that traveled for work, but for some reason when I was 6 or 7 he traveled to Spain for several weeks. When he returned, my mom received a pearl necklace and Arpège. These gifts along with a box of six scented soaps sat perfectly tucked away in my Mom's top lingerie drawer. Many times, I would sneak in their bedroom and open the box of individually wrapped soaps, their powdery tenacity almost coming through the box. A perfectly gilded figure of a woman wearing a full gown that resembled a caftan crowned each individually wrapped bar. I was mesmerized with this figure. It was only recently that I realized the figure is a woman with a child. At some point, the Arpège bottle moved from my mom's drawer to sit perfectly on top of her dresser.

Paul Iribe created Lanvin's image that symbolizes bond 
between mother and daughter.


  1. Pooh, this is so beautiful! I want to hear more...

  2. Thanks again and again, you are so kind. Let's see where this takes me.